Shocking Proof That School Is Failing Miserably — You Won’t Believe the New Math They’re Teaching

Shocking Proof That School Is Failing Miserably -- You Won't Believe the New Math They're Teaching

Have you heard of Common Core? These new teaching methods have been called confusing, unhelpful and ridiculous. Parents around the country are outraged as they struggle to help their frustrated children with their homework. Here are some shocking examples that will have you shaking your head…

The New Math: Common Core

Here is a look at how basic math instruction has changed. Posted below is a comparison between the “old-fashioned” method of teaching subtraction and the new Common Core method of subtraction that is now being taught in many of our schools.

Shocking Proof That School Is Failing Miserably -- You Won't Believe the New Math They're Teaching

Here is another example… a bizarre Common Core math problem and the response by a very frustrated parent that went viral all over the Internet…

Shocking Proof That School Is Failing Miserably -- You Won't Believe the New Math They're Teaching

Share Your Comments About Common Core

How many of you have experienced frustration with the Common Core method? Can you make sense of the Common Core assignments posted above?

Share your comments below.


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Shocking Proof That School Is Failing Miserably -- You Won't Believe the New Math They're Teaching


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  1. Anna says

    I had to rescue my son form this stuff by putting him in a private school. They still have some of this stuff so I taught him myself how to do straight math.

    • Lawrence says

      Congratulations, you’ve ‘saved’ your child from learning number sense and from learning how to do basic arithmetic without a pen and paper.

  2. Sarah says

    My daughter learned how to add and subtract the “real” way, when she was homeschooled for kindergarten. Now she’s learning common core nonsense in school. Luckily, she’s pretty smart and can figure it out – but when she gets older, I have no idea whether she’ll get it or not.

  3. Amy says

    I have one child in third and one in fourth. We have made the switch to common core math and have had our share of problems but we have had our share of victories with it as well. My kids both do well in school but as a child I struggled with math. The new math teaches lots of different ways to get the same answer to the same problem which is a pain for the child that understands that 100 +100 = 200… but for the kids that don’t understand that technique maybe they ‘get it’ by learning one of the other 6. When the children reach 6th grade they get to choose the technique that worked for them and they no longer care how they got the answer as long as it’s right. Iknow probably 90 percent of the population probably understood the old math taught the old way… but for the other 10percent it might just make the difference between getting it and just giving up

  4. Wendy says

    Trying to make sense of this common core math with a student on the autism spectrum is crazy and frustrating to all.

  5. Jessica R. says

    I hate this crap. I don’t get it. How are we as parents supposed to help our children learn and do their homework if we don’t even know what is going on. I don’t see how this is simplified at all. I mean, 23-10=13 right? But let me tell my child that, and she is confused. It’s craziness!

  6. Robin H says

    I refuse to teach and help my son do this nonsense. As a matter of fact, if you confront the teachers about this, they end up telling you that you don’t have to do it that way. My 4th grade son was failing so miserably when trying to do his “new” math. I couldn’t help him. My bf couldn’t help him~and he has a math degree! Since making my son go back to the basics, he is slowly catching back up. Shoot, they’ve been trying to make these kids do algebra, the written story problems, since Kindergarten. I graduated high school 30 years ago. I’ve been a sub-contractor, remodeling homes, work on my own vehicles, do my own home repairs, yard work, computer work,,,and NOT ONCE have I ever needed to use Algebra nor Geometry. Basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions and Percentages is all a kid truly needs to know. Schools need to get back to basics. Once they get that foundation, then they can offer additional fancy classes for doing the non-sense math.

    • Laura says

      You think you haven’t used Algebra or Geometry, but I can almost guarantee that you have. If there has EVER been a situation in your life where you needed to figure out the unknown in a math equation you have done algebra. Ever shot a game of pool in your life? You have used geometry. No, you don’t have to perform line graphing to balance your checkbook or to figure out if the amount of tax charged was correct on a receipt, but you still have to figure out the answer and that is basic algebra. And yes, I know that when you’re shooting a game of pool you don’t have to figure out how many degrees a given angle is, but you do have to have some understanding of acute and obtuse angles in order to perform the most basic bank shots in pool. I agree that this new Common Core math is not very concise or logical and I would probably fail miserably if I had to use it, but the examples they showed here are not algebraic or geometric in origin, they showed basic subtraction AND made it very difficult to understand.

  7. jane says

    I had a teacher at high school who was sh.t hot at maths and he taught us this as a maths trick we were much older and had a good understanding of maths. It is a good method to use with very big numbers but as an initial method of teaching subtraction it stinks. I understand it but have had to explain it to everyone I have shown it to.

  8. Cheryl Steinkampf says

    The math method taught now is confusing and ridiculous! “Math makes sense”. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! My son is grade 8 now and we r hiring a tutor to help him into high school because we have graduated one son already and I can vouch for the difficulty of how math is instructed in early grades affecting upper grades. I sat with him for HOURS helping him, ONLY because he was taught at home by cirriculum. I was able to watch his recorded classes on line and LEARN the math the show him. Why should I have to do this. He went to school to grade 8. The method needs changing!

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