Frequently Asked Questions from VGN Bloggers


1. Requirements

I am a new blogger, can I join the network?
Absolutely! All of our successful bloggers started where you are right now. We provide new bloggers with tools and resources that will help grow their blogs.

What are the requirements for joining VGN?
We require our bloggers to display at least ONE VGN banner ad.

Are there any fees involved in joining VGN?
No, there are no fees or costs to be a VGN member.

How many times a week am I required to blog?
There is no requirement.

What can I write about?
You can write about anything that appeals to your audience.

My blog is not in English, can I still join?

I am an international blogger, can I join?

2. Benefits

Can the network help me promote my e-book, meal plan, or other paid content products?
Absolutely! Once you join, you will have access to our online forum which you can use to network with other bloggers who will help you promote your products.

What is the Forum?
This is a private online forum available to our VGN bloggers. You can use it to ask questions and network with other bloggers. You will also have access to training MP3s and video webinars on how to grow your blog traffic, how to use social media tools like Pinterest and Facebook, how to work with brands, and more.

The VGN forum also hosts Weekly Social Media Link and Monthly Link Love. You can post links to your blog posts in the forum and they will be shared by your fellow VGN bloggers via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and on their blogs.

How do I get featured on the VGN main website?
Submit a 150-word bio, RSS feed, and a profile pic to doris@villagegreennetwork.com. Note that Featured Contributor status is generally reserved for publishers with over 20,000 monthly visits (some exceptions apply).

How can I get paid from working with VGN?
You can start out by running banners right away.
If you have over 20,000 monthly visits, you are eligible to join our Premium Ad Program which includes VGN paid Giveaways and Resource Page listings.
If you have over 100,000 visits you are eligible for Sponsored Posts, Videos and other types of ad units.

3. VGN Banners

How do I make money from VGN banners?
Banners are paid on a pay-per-click (CPC), pay-per-view (CPM) pay-per-action (CPA) basis. Prices vary depending on the sponsor. Our bloggers make 50% of the revenue from the banners.

How do I get banners?
A special HTML tracking code needs to be generated by our office – please send your banner request (with your banner sizes) to doris@villagegreennetwork.com.

What are the banner sizes?
There are four available banner sizes:
Leaderboard 728×90
Skyscraper 160×600
Med. Rectangle 300×250
Large Rectangle 336×280

The ad space on my blog is too small to fit the 4 available sizes. Can you reduce your ad image to fit my banner space?
No. These are IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standard sizes and they are the only size our ad sales team currently supports. Please consider altering your theme so that you can accommodate IAB standard banners.

Can I keep my affiliate links? Can I do my own giveaways?
Yes you can use affiliate links and banners and run your own giveaways until you reach 20,000 monthly visits, at which point you are eligible to join our Premium Ad Program. Then you can run our paid giveaways. At this point, we ask that you do not run giveaways for sponsors outside our network. (However, you can run giveaways on your own with products you pay for yourself.)

We also ask that when you run the resources page that you do not paste affiliate links into your blog content, as that competes with our sponsors on the resources page. Our bloggers have found that they make much more with our Premium Ad Program than they make with affiliate links. If you have questions, please contact doris@villagegreennetwork.com.

Can I select my own ads?
Yes, you can choose which banners to run on your blog that will fit within your blog category. If you see any banners you don’t want running on your blog, contact doris@villagegreennetwork.com.

4. VGN Premium Ad Program

How do I make money from the VGN Premium Ad Program?
We offer various revenue products to our publishers, including banners, Resource Page listings, Giveaways, Sponsored Posts and Video Posts. These units are either CPC, CPM or CPA. You will make anywhere from 30-50% of the revenue depending on the ad unit.

What are the requirements for the Premium Ad Program?
VGN publishers with over 20,000 monthly visits are eligible for the Premium Ad Program.

Can I keep my affiliate links? Can I do my own giveaways?
You can use affiliate links in your content unless you are a member of our Premium Ad Program. Once your traffic reaches 20,000 visits per month, and you choose to join the Premium Ad Program, we ask that you do not include affiliate links in your content, with the exception of Amazon links to books, or e-books or other paid content from blogs.

Members of the Ad Program may not do giveaways with sponsors outside of our network. without prior written permission. However, you may do giveaways if you purchase the products personally.

Many bloggers outside of our network host giveaways where the only payment they receive is the product. We think that getting free products is not adequate payment for your hard work. We feel that bloggers should always be paid, because what they do is very valuable. And you can’t pay your rent with free products.

Many bloggers outside of our network host free giveaways for companies. Sponsors get a lot of value from doing giveaways on blogs. They won’t pay if they can get something for free. Free giveaways are not fair to our paying sponsors, or our bloggers.

5. Payment

When will I receive my VGN payment check?
VGN pays 60 days after the last day of the month that the ads run. You must make at least $50 in one calendar month to get a check.

Do I have to give my Social Security Number/Tax ID?
If you live outside of the United States, we don’t need your social security number. For US publishers, we are required by law to file a 1099 tax form for all paid earnings in excess of $600 in a fiscal year – so we are legally required to have your SSN/Tax ID.

Can I get paid via Paypal?
At this time we do not pay via Paypal.

How do I monitor my earning and banner/resources performance?
Once you join the network, you will be provided with an access code to our ad software where you can monitor your ad clicks/views/earnings.

6. Miscellaneous

Is there a contract for VGN publishers?
Yes. You must sign our contract prior to running our ads or joining the forum.

I don’t have Google Analytics. Can I still join the network?
Yes. However, we encourage you to install Google Analytics on your blog.

I don’t want to give you access to my Google Analytics.
That’s fine. Once a month we monitor our whole network traffic. If you do not want to share your Google Analytics with us automatically, please submit your blogs monthly visits and uniques from the past 30 days via email, every 1st of the month, to doris@villagegreennetwork.com.

What if I want to quit the network?
Please see your contract.