8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Many of us are careful about what we eat. But when it comes to drinks, like beer for example, we don’t pay a lot of attention. Many of the popular American beers contain ingredients that are harmful to your health, such as GMOs or genetically modified organisms.

Unhealthy Ingredients Found in Beer

  • Caramel Coloring
  • GMO Corn
  • GMO Sweeteners
  • GMO Corn Syrup
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Natural Flavors
  • Propylene Glycol

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Here are the 8 beers you should stop drinking immediately. (Scroll down for healthy beer choices.)

1. Budweiser and Bud Light

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Budweiser beer contains genetically modified (GMO) corn and a genetically modified sweetener, dextrose, which is made from GMO corn. Greenpeace discovered experimental GMO rice in Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) beer in 2007.

2. Coors & Coors Light

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately
Coors and Coors Light contain GMO corn syrup.

3. Corona

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Corona contains GMO corn syrup and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is controversial and may be harmful to your health.

4. Michelob

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Michelob beer contains dextrose, made from GMO corn.

5. Miller & Miller Lite

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Miller beer contains GMO corn syrup.

6. Newcastle Brown Ale

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Newcastle Brown Ale contains caramel coloring. Class 3 and 4 caramel coloring is made from ammonia, which is classified as a carcinogen.

7. Pabst Blue Ribbon

8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Pabst Blue Ribbon contains GMO corn syrup.

8. Red Stripe


Red Stripe contains GMO corn.

Healthy Beer Alternatives

Your best option is to buy organic beer. Peak Organic Brewing is the first non-GMO verified beer.

You can also trust imported beer from Europe, such as Germany or Belgium, where GMOs are banned.

American microbrews are a good option, but beware — many microbrew beers in the United States have been bought by larger corporations.

Organic GMO-free Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered)

Wolaver’s – all beers
Lamar Street – Whole Foods label (brewed by Goose Island)
Bison – all beers
Dogfish Head (organic when ingredients available)
Fish Brewery Company – Fish Tale Ales
Lakefront Brewery – Organic ESB
Brooklyn – (organic when ingredients are available)
Pinkus – all beers
Samuel Smiths – Samuel Smiths Organic Ale
Wychwood – Scarecrow Ale

Non-Organic GMO-free Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered)

Sierra Nevada – all choices
Duck Rabbit – Brown Ale, Porter, Amber Ale, Milk Stout
Dogfish Head- 60 Minute IPA, Shelter Pale Ale, Chicory Stout
Shipyard – Summer Brew
Victory Brewery – Whirlwind
North Coast – Blue Star
Bridgeport – IPA (Bottle conditioned)
Ayinger – all choices
Royal Oak – Pale Ale
Fraziskaner – Hefeweisse and Dunkel Weisse
Weihenstephaner – Hefe Weissbier
Maisel’s – Weisse
Hoegaarden – Belgian Wit

Other Healthy Beer Choices

Amstel Light
Duchy Original Ale Organic
Mill Street Brewery
Fuller’s Organic
Nelson Organic Ale
Natureland Organic

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8 Beers You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

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    • VGNVGN says

      Not sure…



      “I contacted Samuel Adams, the largest craft brewer in the U.S. about their ingredients, but they did not respond to my questions, which raises questions. However they do claim nearly all of their beers are vegan, with the exceptions of Honey Porter and Cherry Wheat which have honey, so that would obviate the fish-bladder ingredient, but not the GMO corn syrup.”

      • Kim says

        Your post is somewhat misleading. It should read beers that are a healthier choice,not healthy beer. That’s like saying smoke vapor is healthy choice instead of cigarettes. Neither one one is healthy, one is just a healthier choice compared to the other one. There is no such thing as a healthy beer, just a healthier choice of beers compared to the other beers.

        • jeremiah says

          your post is also a bit misleading because in fact beer is the only human made substance to contain all needed vitamins and minerals needed in are diet that we actually have been getting less and less of because of over used soil on farms that has lost all nutrient value. so in small quantities beer is perfectly fine. Google it

          • jeremiah says

            by the way you just schooled by a 14 year old who knows more about this, if you want to correct something then state how its incorrect, because you have to have the facts not the fiction…

        • jack says

          No such thing as smoke vapor , they are totally different , an oxymoron similar to “Military Intelligence” . lol!!!

        • Mimi says

          America is one of the few places in the world where beer s considered a beverage…in many places it s considered a “food” item because of its nutritional value. Our forefathers in the United States would have preferred Beer over water which may have been contaminated!

          • Monica says

            Have you heard what was supposedly said by Ben Franklin: “In wine, there is wisdom; in beer, there is freedom; in water, there is bacteria.”? Totally thought of it when I read your comment.

        • Gary says

          Beer is healthy actually…The brewing process grows beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are very good for you. But if you drink too much obviously thats not good. Cheers!

      • tim schietinger says

        Big S/A drinker , first question to come to mind—- where do they stand??? Hope they are watching / listening.

        • Paws67 says

          June 17, 2014

          Hi Dennis,

          Thank you for your question regarding the ingredients in our beer. When a drinker contacts us, we take their words as seriously as we brew our beer.

          We do not add any preservatives to our beer, nor do we use any adjuncts (sugar, rice, and corn), which lighten and cheapen it. Our beers are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. Samuel Adams Boston Lager was the first American beer to pass the German Beer Purity Law also known as the Reinheitsgebot. The Reinheitsgebot requires German brewers to only use the traditional ingredients found in beer: water, malt, hops and yeast. Samuel Adams Boston Lager consists of 4 ingredients: Water, a special Samuel Adams blend of two-row malted barley, Bavarian hops, Hallertau Mittelfrueh and Tettnanger, and proprietary Samuel Adams lager yeast. To add additional complexity to our brews, some of our other recipes use spices or fruit (not to be confused with adjuncts) including vanilla, grains of paradise, cinnamon, chocolate, rose hips, lemon zest, and orange peel.

          Because we do not use any preservatives, we strive for freshness at Samuel Adams. This is why all of our beers have a freshness dating that gives a recommended date to consume by. Although beer doesn’t expire in the sense that milk does, we believe freshness is a fundamental component of any quality beer.

          We hope this answers your question. Thanks again for contacting us, and please continue to enjoy Samuel Adams beer knowing we use only the finest quality ingredients!


          Alexandra Quinn
          Consumer Relations Representative

          • Tasha says

            Wow, that has got to be one of the greatest question dance arounds I’ve ever read! Are you in politics also? You never answered the GMO question! It’s not hard, there are only two answers: yes or no. But I think your “dance” answers the question quite strongly. Lets be honest: If your beer didn’t contain GMO’s, you would be screaming it from the roof tops! As far as I’m concerned this is a beer to be avoided if you are concerned (as you should be) about the health repercussions of GMO’s.

            • mike says

              I’ve totally had enough of this bullshit thread with a bunch of uninformed people bitching about things they have no comprehension of. I’m a brewer for a microbrewery in Chicago. They gentleman absolutely have you your answer, and it’s no. There are no, and will never be any GMOs in grains purchased from a reputable distributor. How do you know it’s a reputable grain distributor you ask? No craft brewer, or brewery will use substandard ingredients in their beers. We work very hard to put the best product available out to our customers. It’s the only way to keep them. I also find this article highly suspect, and very misleading on what is in these larger breweries beer. Another point that absolutely needs to be made here is that some of these supposed breweries that they say you should trust are owned by a massive conglomerate named Enbev. Guess who Enbev owns? Budweiser. So, why would they use GMOs in Budweiser, but not products made by goose island? This is a list o beer somebody likes, and a list of beer they don’t. End of story. Do some research instead of blindly following some persons uninformed opinion.

            • Kyle says

              I’m pretty sure only corn and soy are GMO’d at this time. If it doesn’t have corn of soy there shouldn’t be any chance of GMO in the beer.

          • says

            I believed. That Christian Moerlien Beer, brewed by the Hudepohl Brewing C. Was the first beer to be imported into Germany, (1980s)? Moerlien had four ingredients, water,malt,barley and hops. It was brewed in Cincinnati, Ohio.

            • Bob Jarvis says

              Hudy! Dang – haven’t heard of that since I was in college at Miami in the late ’70s! I guess they got bought up/closed down. Such is life…

          • pta says

            that does not cover the genetically modified issue. so I guess you have used that in the past but are now considering a change?

          • CincyChris says

            One comment from SA is false- the first American beer to pass the German Reinheitsgebot was from Cincinnati’s Christian Moerlein brewery. This occurred prior to the existence of SA.

            Makes me wonder what else they fudged?

          • says

            My question is due to supply and demand Samuel Adams does not brew their own beer the non American Budweiser brews their beer and I doubt they use 20 different ingredients at the same plant

        • Douglas of Avalon says

          Don’t hold your breath…or your pee. Sam Adams will not tell you what’s in their beer because it’s not good for you and they KNOW this. They may try to tell you itsa secret and considered intellectual property though… lol

    • dante says

      Sam Adams is really no longer what I would call “craft brew.” Because of demand contract brewers are now making most of it.

    • says

      I contacted a local micro brewery in Kansas City called, Boulevard Brewery. The quality ctrl advisor I spoke to said, “NO” !! Gmo’s are in our beer. 5 ingredients w/ no skirting the questions. Water, barley, wheat, hops and if there is a fruited element , its source is a natural real ingredient. Not a “natural” ingredient with no source. Good beer by the way !! “POP UP IPA” is my fave.

      • Vicky says

        Yes all alcohol is bad for diabetics. It contains sugar which elevates glucose levels and also the Hemoglobin A1c. Glucose also increases Triglycerides which once they leave the liver they will have “dagger”type appendages that puncture the pancreas when the triglyceride enters the pancreas and can lead to Pancreatitis

      • Mimi says

        Not Necessarily…

        If it is certified 100% Organic it is non-gmo but if the label just says

        Certified Organic / USDA Organic: At least 95 percent of content is organic by weight (excluding water and salt). The <5% remaining ingredients must consist of substances approved on the USDA’s National List. GMOs are NOT on this list, so USDA Organic products are also usually GMO-free. For verification, consult the following sources:

        The USDA’s National Organic Program overview page
        The USDA’s National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances
        The USDA’s Organic 101 blog
        A 2011 USDA policy memo in response to confusion over GMOs in organics
        The National Organic Standards Board Policy and Procedures Manual

    • JimBo Toddles says

      It’s just as bad as Tsingtao….full of chemicals !!
      Red Horse is much stronger but a lot safer.

  1. John Stuart Mill says

    There is exactly ZERO difference between “GMO produced” dextrose molecules and “natural” ones.

    Oh and btw, virtually ALL insulin is “GMO produced” ….

    • CincyChris says

      Since the only lab tests done on GMOs were done by the companies which produce and profit from them, I’ll go ahead and let you be the lab rat.

  2. Lucy says

    Why is ” natural flavors ” listed under unhealthy ingredients?

    Unhealthy Ingredients Found in Beer
    •Caramel Coloring
    •GMO Corn
    •GMO Sweeteners
    •GMO Corn Syrup
    •Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
    •Natural Flavors
    •Propylene Glycol

    • Liquid Space says

      Maybe “natural flavoring” means it’s not natural at all, instead, some food scientists were paid millions to create un-natural, immune system “crippling” foods, drinks, candies and medicine, just to make some extra money off of your sickness. First of all, regulations for the word “natural” only apply to flavors; anywhere else you find it on food packaging means absolutely nothing regarding quality. Secondly, the FDA definition of “natural flavors” and “natural flavoring” allows for the substance to be extracted from plant or animal “matter.” So when you buy something that’s organic, vegetarian, or vegan, and it has “natural flavoring,” you could be eating a pig, cow, turkey, chicken, or lamb which was shot up with growth hormones, fed GMO pesticide-laden corn and grain – probably mixed with other animals of it’s same breed, then shot up with antibiotics due to infections and diseases from living in confined quarters on slats covered in feces.

      The name sounds innocent enough, but these mild-sounding words are used by the food industry as an umbrella term for some pretty horrible stuff, including certain ingredients that come from extreme animal abuse.

      The exact definition of natural flavors from the Code of Federal Regulations is as follows:

      “The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional.”

      When the phrase ‘natural flavors’ appears on a package, the best move is to call the company and find out what the flavors are actually made from. Of course, I say this assuming that we’re all the kind of people who would be horrified to find out that we might have come close to ingesting fluid from the sex glands of beavers.

      Think that sounds absurd? Then you must not have heard of castoreum, which is “used extensively in perfumery and has been added to food as a flavor ingredient for at least 80 years.”

      Most of us know artificial flavors derived from petroleum aren’t good for us, but the with the words “natural flavor” food chemists and companies can put whatever they want in your food that is “generally regarded as safe” including excitotoxins. Natural flavor can legally contain natural occurring “glutamate” bi-products like MSG – which are known excitotoxins. These excitotoxins are some of the chemicals that cause your taste buds to experience irresistibility when it comes to food. Ever wonder why you can’t just eat one chip? Or one cookie? Or why you remember a taste of a product so distinctly and crave uncontrollably? Excitotoxins can be to blame. Excitotoxins overexcite your cells literally until they die or are damaged causing “injury” and “incapacitating” you with disease. When consumed over time, excitotoxins can cause nerve disorders resulting a myriad of diseases from stroke to Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s. And lots of other side effects too – like obesity, migraines, fatigue and depression.

    • Paws67 says

      Natural Flavors mean chemicals the taste like something Natural. Countrytime Lemonade has “Natural Flavors” but Lemon Pledge furniture polish has more REAL LEMON!!!!

    • Rob says

      I don’t understand the animosity toward GMOs to begin with. They’re really not bad in any way, especially not from a health perspective, but because the term “genetic modification” has some bad connotations associated with it, people avoid it like the plague. If one of these “activists” were to take 10 minutes out of their day to research what actually defines a GMO, any sensible person with an ounce of intellect would quickly change their position.

        • Applesauce says

          You posted a link to a page that was complete speculation without any facts to support your criticism of a person for them not researching an issue. This is a problem because you clearly do not understand the difference between academic research and reading things on the internet that are one organizations “opinion”. The difference is that speculation is not a factual analysis. For example, your article states that GMO’s have never increased yield compared to organic plants. This is entirely untrue. Look up dwarf wheat. I’m only explaining this to you so that you may know the difference between fact and opinion so that you will understand that you should not believe everything you read on the internet.. Look to actual scientific research to better understand issues, not to random internet sites. If everyone did this, the whole world would be a lot better off.

          • Monica says

            I totally agree that people need to use reliable sources instead of what are essentially blogs where one person can pretend to be an expert without citing anything. English teachers around the country are shaking their heads, “this is what I tried to teach them.”

        • Tyler says

          Golden Rice Automatically labeling GMO as bad for no other reason than the words scare you is a terrible disrespect to humankind’s brilliance. Yes, some of the modifications can be a bit “scary,” and yes more research on the matter would be great, but in what instance is more research not better? Either way, looks at all the perspectives other than that of fear.

      • H3 says

        The problem with GMOs is that the modifications are creating proteins and other molecules that are not natural in origin and our bodies are rejecting them. They aren’t poison but they are causing the HUGE upsurge in allergies and sensitivities. Haven’t you even wondered at all why all of a sudden huge amounts of people are allergic to nuts, gluten, corn, lactose, soy, etc etc etc? Its because we’re messing with foods that have 0% reason to be messed with. Its all so companies can make more money. Look up “ogliarchy” and you’ll realize why a handful of companies now control our food supply along with anything we can buy in a store. Follow the money.

        • Deraek says

          I can’t believe how uneducated your opinion is. If we rejected things not natural to us, we would be dead. We have been eating GEO’s for MANY decades.

        • HeyKCG says

          And “follow the money”, eh? Did you read the little note at the bottom of the page which says “we may have received money for some of our posts?” Dude.

        • Liquid Space says

          True research for most things must include two things:
          1). Follow the money
          2) Who directly benefits

          Regarding this thread, H3 is correct once again, as is John. The true and unfortunate ignorance here lies with the likes of Rob, applesauce, and strongly so Deraek. Sad and pathetic lack of intellect and true research here.

        • wes says

          You believe we don’t need to fool with foods. I agree with the thought that more research needs to be done regarding GMO’s but GMOs are a modern day need. Europe isn’t being asked to feed the world. We are. In order to grow the amount of food required we need technology. Ban GMOs..get ready to pay 15 dollars for a loaf of bread..and witness a tragic rise in world wide starvation

    • HeyKCG says

      Exactly. No evidence against GMO, and this is propaganda. The reason I wouldn’t drink any of these is that they are all shit beers.

  3. Jay says

    All ingredients approved by the FDA and Scientists. These “health” blogs are completely absurd and sadly pass as relevant.

    • J.W. says

      Alcoholic beverages are not FDA inspected actually, To think you would trust what the gov says is what is really absurd, sir.

    • H3 says

      The FDA was pressured by a private company to reject the safety of stevia, a perfectly natural sweetener that comes from a plant and has been used for hundreds of years with 0 side effects. It was successfully banned by the FDA as not proven safe and was only allowed in foods as a “suppliment” because of the actions of this company. The company? Nutrasweet, who’s product is made out of chemicals, has been proven scientifically in hundreds of independent studies to cause several diseases including cancer, and has been approved by the very FDA you claim to trust. Still think the govt. should be in charge of deciding what is safe for us to eat? The FDA and their “scientists” are the ones who “sadly pass as relevant.” Stop being a sheep being led around by a government rope. Trust no one, including me, who just tells you things. Do your own research. Look up these things. Its your body. Find out what you’re putting in it.

      • Nick says

        You’re a moron. I just bought some Stevia the other day. Have been buying it for years. I’m going to guess that you don’t get out much…?

        • irehs27 says

          Learn to read they said it wasn’t approved to be used IN products….so instead of stevia replacing nutrasweet type sweetners in “sugar free” products, we continue to get cancer causing chemicals like nutrasweet. Smh before you talk trash make sure you understand what you read.

      • Liquid Space says

        Well said H3. An actual fact based comment, unlike the ignorant government kool-aid drinking conformist and paid industry shills that comment here denouncing the negatives of anything GMO based or products derived under the poison umbrella known as Monsanto. Allow the highly delusional to consume these products, of which consist of over 80% of what’s in an average grocery store in America. Let them destroy there health and keep the Big Agra, Pharmaceutical and the health industries intoxicated with profit margins created by an ill-informed and brainwashed populace. They are consensual and thereby complicit to “profit before people”, a mental psychosis of greed that exploits poor human health, disease and death.

      • vicoilsteems says

        The public government isn’t in charge of the government anymore, corporations now control our once public citizen controlled democratic legislative government And it’s the

    • Liquid Space says

      The FDA is a player in legalized murder Jay. It’s pure insanity that you and others even trust this psychotic alphabet agency. The US Food and Drug Administration does not require food companies to disclose the ingredients of their flavour additives so long as the chemicals in them are considered by the agency to be GRAS (“generally recognized as safe.”). The FDA has been forcing cancer-causing GMO corn covertly on the American population for years. Do we trust their definition of ‘safe’? The FDA allows forms of MSG to be labelled as a natural flavour. MSG is proven to cause brain lesions, neurodegenerative disease and obesity.

      – Do some real research!

      • B Kamp says

        Liquid Space, you are absolutely correct re: FDA. The one point I want to make is this. The management of the FDA and the USDA has been taken over by big ag and big pharma (Monsanto Corp.). The information is out there, and it can be shocking. I know because I’ve spent hundreds of hours readings books (all from my local library). Unfortunately the average person is way too busy with their lives to allocate precious hours for research. For example read Robyn Obrien’s book ‘The Unhealthy Truth’. She’s a Mom who wrote about dealing with her son’s allergies. Very educational.

  4. margrit says

    All beers made in germany by law are made following the beer purity law in effect since 1516. Only 3 ingredients are allowed…water, barley and hops. Spaten is a favorite of mine.

  5. a scientist says

    A completely dumb article.

    Caramel Coloring – Made from the heat treatment of carbohydrates. Completely natural. Go read wikipedia!!!
    GMO Corn – Numerous studies prove this is safe
    GMO Sweeteners – Is made from the corn mentioned above
    GMO Corn Syrup – 55% fructose, 45% glucose. Guess what else has that same composition, HONEY! Go read wikipedia again. Table sugar is 50% fructose, 50% glucose.
    Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – Causes symptoms only in people SENSITIVE to MSG. Not the general popluation
    Natural Flavors – ?? Really??!!
    Propylene Glycol – FDA approved. Used well below the safety limits.

    Go read scientific publications rather than publish BS based on what you THINK. You have a brain, use it.

    • A researcher says

      Most of those said studies are funded by Monsanto, the company that THRIVES off selling their GMO crops, how about YOU use your brain?

      • Lisa says

        How bout using your brain. Monsanto is not the only company selling GMO seeds. There are hundreds of companies doing this. Monsanto have just been mentioned in the press recently because of a lawsuit they are involved in. If you had any idea how GMO seeds were produced and distributed, you would not post something so asinine.

        • H3 says

          26 countries in Europe ban GMOs. Do you suppose they do it because their scientists are idiots? Or do you suppose maybe they do it because they applied scientific studies and decided GMOs are not proven safe and maybe our country doesn’t follow suit because GMO companies contribute millions of dollars to the very people who decide if GMOs are used.

          • a scientist says

            I don’t think their scientists are idiots. It’s just that their politicians suck at cost-benefit analysis. Banning GMOs is a whim you can afford in the Western world, which is a land of plenty. Go look at African and South east Asia and see what harm banning GMOs has caused. Read about “golden rice”. Thousands of children have died due to the lack of Vitamin A as a result of banning GMO rice. All this based on a fear. How many people have even been injured or fallen sick due to GMOs? None. You do the cost benefit analysis.

            To give you some perspective, if the potato were a modern food, it would not have been allowed to be released to the public due to the amount of glycoalkaloid content based on current EU standards. But historically, they have been proved to be safe even though individual glycoalkaloids have been shown to be carcinogenic.

            Banning foods simply because it MAY cause harm just makes us loose our immunity. Look at the number of kids with food allergies in the US vs the world.

            @ “a researcher” Monsanto is not equal to GMO. Monsanto is a company and GM is a technology, dumbass. Don’t hate the technology. You don’t really seem to be a researcher. Go read some peer-reviewed research articles.

            • Liquid Space says

              I’ll support “a researcher”, whom like myself, after 12 years of said research and awakening to truth through facts and reality, understands the bigger picture. “A scientist”? Doubtful and laughable shill vomit. There is an absolute direct connection of genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered organisms and the second most evil corporation on the planet, called…Monsanto. You (a scientist) are part of the continued dis-info, deceit and lies that perpetuate the machines of global sickness and death creation through the entities supporting things like Agenda-21 and global depopulation. It is you that has chosen to use words like “peer-reviewed”, a red flag in the true intellectual community of global scientist and health professionals not employed by the those machines. A dozen past Monsanto executives are now the heads of America’s agricultural and human health related alphabet agencies. I would imagine that you support this criminal on- going government/corp activity of mass deception, along with vaccines and fluoride use in our water supplies…don’t you “a fake scientist”? Now venture off and do some real research that actually will benefit humanity.

    • Tiv says

      Telling someone to go read wikipedia isn’t really a great reference point, the contents of that site can change upon any refresh.

      I’m personally indifferent on the GMO debate, but we all have our own preferences.

      • Deraek says

        Wikipedia has strict policies about what it will let be posted in articles. Sources must be cited. Sources must be reputable. Perhaps you should read the sources cited in the wikipedia articles if you doubt this.

        • Liquid Space says

          Note the “gov” aspect. The criminal shadow entity behind it all. Take your support of pure swill elsewhere, or do you already do that daily on every internet site that speaks truths against such things. You only inform those who are like minded…shallow, ignorant, and brainwashed. I see one like you near daily all over the internet in the comments sections, spewing false support of highly corrupt and unethical practices and procedures of which completely undermine the quality of human and animal health and it’s knowledge of it. The masses are awakening to this nefarious activity Mr. Wannaby…soon renamed Mr. Hasbeen. To occupy your body, mind and soul is a horrific and nauseating thought.

    • Liquid Space says

      CARAMEL COLORING:: Used in Coca-Cola, Pepsi, beers and so many other foods is contaminated with two cancer-causing chemicals and should be banned. In contrast to the caramel one might make at home by melting sugar in a saucepan, the artificial brown coloring in colas, beers and many other products is made by reacting sugars with ammonia and sulfites under high pressure and temperatures. Chemical reactions result in the formation of 2-methylimidazole and 4 methylimidazole, which in government-conducted studies caused lung, liver, or thyroid cancer or leukemia in laboratory mice or rats. Federal regulations distinguish among four types of caramel coloring, two of which are produced with ammonia and two without it. Caramel III, which is produced with ammonia but not sulfites, is sometimes used in beer, soy sauce, and other foods. Most people would interpret ‘caramel coloring’ to mean ‘colored with caramel,’ but this particular ingredient has little in common with ordinary caramel or caramel candy. It’s a concentrated dark brown mixture of chemicals that simply does not occur in nature. Regular caramel isn’t healthful, but at least it is not tainted with carcinogens. Caramel coloring acts as an emulsifying agent that keeps flavor oils suspended in a solution. It is made by heating food-grade carbohydrates (such as corn syrup) to high temperatures. Usually an acid such as acetic, lactic or phosphoric acid is added to break the bonds between the sugars as it is heated to caramelization. The result is a burnt sugar that is the world’s most widely consumed (by weight) food coloring ingredient.

      GMO CORN: Eating genetically modified corn (GMO corn) has caused rats to develop horrifying tumors, widespread organ damage, and premature death. That’s the conclusion of a shocking new study that looked at the long-term effects of consuming Monsanto’s genetically modified corn. The study was published in The Food & Chemical Toxicology Journal. Look it up. The study has been deemed the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GMO food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats. Real scientists found that rats exposed to even the smallest amounts, developed mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage as early as four months in males, and seven months for females. The study, led by Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen, was the first ever study to examine the long-term (lifetime) effects of eating GMOs. You may find yourself thinking it is absolutely astonishing that no such studies were ever conducted before GMO corn was approved for widespread use by the USDA and FDA, but such is the power of corporate lobbying and corporate greed. The study fed these rats NK603, the Monsanto variety of GMO corn that’s grown across North America and widely fed to animals and humans. This is the same corn that’s in your corn-based breakfast cereal, corn tortillas, corn snack chips and so many other food products. Analysis clearly reveals the GMO’s side effects linked with GMO maize consumption, were mostly associated with the kidney and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, and also noticed in the heart, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system. This data highlights signs of hepatorenal toxicity, due to the new pesticides specific to each GMO corn.

      GMO CORN SYRUP: Bad? Yep, for Beers too: According to a recent report by the Alliance for Natural Health Association, your favorite beverage just might be loaded with both toxic and genetically modified ingredients, including GMO corn syrup, GMO coloring and fish bladder. You might find it surprising that listing ingredients on beer labels is voluntary. That’s right — beer producers are not legally required to tell you what’s inside that beer you’re drinking. That’s because beer is regulated by the Department of Treasury and not the Food and Drug Administration, which has stricter labeling guidelines for food and non-alcoholic beverages. The alcohol industry lobbies hard to make sure it stays that way. Some of the legal additives include: HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and other GMO sugars, caramel coloring that is made from ammonia and considered carcinogenic, insect-based dyes, calcium disodium EDTA (which contains formaldehyde) MSG (monosodium glutamate), propylene glycol (which is also found in anti-freeze), petroleum-based food colors, and isinglass made from fish bladder used as a clarifying agent. You “a scientist”, can begin your investigation by reading ‘Chemical Additives in Beer’ by the Center of Science and Public Interest, which provided a basic list of all the generally unknown additives in beer, such as high fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring, and genetically modified organisms (GMO) like dextrose and corn syrup.

      Miller Coors, a very popular American beer brewed jointly with the Molson Coors Company, admitted to their use of GMOs. Corona, Fosters, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Red Stripe also join in adding GMO corn syrup into their beer mixtures to name a few more. Guinness contains GMO based high fructose corn syrup, along with isinglass, a gelatin substance produced from a fish’s swim bladder. German beers are reliable, safe choices because the German culture takes pride on crafting pure products. In fact, they have a law called “Reinheitsegebot” that limits all German beer manufactures to a core ingredients list of water, hops, yeast, malted barley, and wheat; many consumers believe these beers taste cleaner and report that they don’t suffer from hangovers because of the purity regulation, which was enacted on April 23, 1516. Sierra Nevada, Heineken, and Amstel Light are fairly basic beers with non-GMO grains, and no artificial ingredients, stabilizers, or preservatives. HFCS used in moderation is a major cause of heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay, and more.

      Here are 5 reasons you and any other doubtful reader should stay way from any product containing high fructose corn syrup and why it may kill you, assuming that such a thing is important to you.

      HFCS and cane sugar are NOT biochemically identical or processed the same way by the body. High fructose corn syrup is an industrial food product and far from “natural” or a naturally occurring substance. It is extracted from corn stalks through a process so secret that Archer Daniels Midland and Carghill would not allow the investigative journalist Michael Pollan to observe it for his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. The sugars are extracted through a chemical enzymatic process resulting in a chemically and biologically novel compound called HFCS. Some basic biochemistry will help you understand this. Regular cane sugar (sucrose) is made of two-sugar molecules bound tightly together– glucose and fructose in equal amounts.The enzymes in your digestive tract must break down the sucrose into glucose and fructose, which are then absorbed into the body. HFCS also consists of glucose and fructose, not in a 50-50 ratio, but a 55-45 fructose to glucose ratio in an unbound form. Fructose is sweeter than glucose. And HFCS is cheaper than sugar because of the government farm bill corn subsidies. Products with HFCS are sweeter and cheaper than products made with cane sugar. This allowed for the average soda size to balloon from 8 ounces to 20 ounces with little financial costs to manufacturers but great human costs of increased obesity, diabetes, and chronic disease.

      Now back to biochemistry. Since there is there is no chemical bond between them, no digestion is required so they are more rapidly absorbed into your blood stream. Fructose goes right to the liver and triggers lipogenesis (the production of fats like triglycerides and cholesterol) this is why it is the major cause of liver damage in this country and causes a condition called “fatty liver” which affects 70 million people.

      The rapidly absorbed glucose triggers big spikes in insulin–our body’s major fat storage hormone. Both these features of HFCS lead to increased metabolic disturbances that drive increases in appetite, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and more.

      Research done by Dr. Bruce Ames and his his group at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute found that free fructose from HFCS requires more energy to be absorbed by the gut and soaks up two phosphorous molecules from ATP (our body’s energy source). This depletes the energy fuel source, or ATP, in our gut required to maintain the integrity of our intestinal lining. Little “tight junctions” cement each intestinal cell together preventing food and bacteria from “leaking” across the intestinal membrane and triggering an immune reaction and body wide inflammation.

      High doses of free fructose have been proven to literally punch holes in the intestinal lining allowing nasty byproducts of toxic gut bacteria and partially digested food proteins to enter your blood stream and trigger the inflammation that we know is at the root of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and accelerated aging. Naturally occurring fructose in fruit is part of a complex of nutrients and fiber that doesn’t exhibit the same biological effects as the free high fructose doses found in “corn sugar”. Cane sugar and the industrially produced, euphemistically named “corn sugar” are not biochemically or physiologically the same.

      HFCS contains contaminants including mercury that are not regulated or measured by the FDA. An FDA researcher asked corn producers to ship a barrel of high fructose corn syrup in order to test for contaminants. Her repeated requests were refused until she claimed she represented a newly created soft drink company. She was then promptly shipped a big vat of HFCS that was used as part of the study that showed that HFCS often contains toxic levels of mercury because of chlor-alkali products used in its manufacturing. Poisoned sugar is certainly not “natural”. When HFCS is run through a chemical analyzer or a chromatograph, strange chemical peaks show up that are not glucose or fructose. What are they? GMO crap? Who knows? This certainly calls into question the purity of this processed form of super sugar. The exact nature, effects, and toxicity of these funny compounds have not been fully explained, but shouldn’t we be protected from the presence of untested chemical compounds in our food supply, especially when the contaminated food product comprises up to 15-20 percent of the average American’s daily calorie intake?

      Independent medical and nutrition experts (not Monsanto and other corrupt Big-Agra corporate whores) DO NOT support the use of HFCS in our diet, despite the assertions of the corn industry. The corn industry’s happy looking websites cornsugar dot com and sweetsurprise dot com bolster their position that cane sugar and corn sugar are the same by quoting experts, or should we say misquoting …

      Barry M. Popkin, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has published widely on the dangers of sugar-sweetened drinks and their contribution to the obesity epidemic. In a review of HFCS in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, he explains the mechanism by which the free fructose may contribute to obesity. He states that: “The digestion, absorption, and metabolism of fructose differ from those of glucose. Hepatic metabolism of fructose favors de novo lipogenesis (production of fat in the liver). In addition, unlike glucose, fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion or enhance leptin production. Because insulin and leptin act as key afferent signals in the regulation of food intake and body weight (to control appetite), this suggests that dietary fructose may contribute to increased energy intake and weight gain. Furthermore, calorically sweetened beverages may enhance caloric over-consumption.” He states that HFCS is absorbed more rapidly than regular sugar and that it doesn’t stimulate insulin or leptin production. This prevents you from triggering the body’s signals for being full and may lead to over-consumption of total calories. He concludes by saying that: “… the increase in consumption of HFCS has a temporal relation to the epidemic of obesity, and the over-consumption of HFCS in calorically sweetened beverages may play a role in the epidemic of obesity.” The corn industry takes his comments out of context to support their position. “All sugar you eat is the same.”

      True pharmacologic doses of any kind of sugar are harmful, but the biochemistry of different kinds of sugar and their respective effects on absorption, appetite, and metabolism are different, and Dr. Popkin knows that. David S. Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, has published extensively on the dangers and the obesogenic properties of sugar-sweetened beverages Beer included. He was quoted as saying that “high fructose corn syrup is one of the most misunderstood products in the food industry.” When asked why he supported the corn industry, he said he didn’t and that his comments were taken totally out of context.

      Misrepresenting science is one thing, misrepresenting scientists who have been at the forefront of the fight against obesity and high fructose sugar sweetened beverages is quite another. HFCS is almost always a marker of poor-quality, nutrient-poor disease-creating industrial food products or “food-like substances”. The last reason to avoid products that contain HFCS is that they are a marker for poor-quality, nutritionally-depleted, processed industrial food full of empty calories and artificial and GMO based ingredients. If you find “high fructose corn syrup” on the label you can be sure it is not a whole, real, fresh food full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Stay away if you want to stay healthy. We still must reduce our overall consumption of sugar, but with this one simple dietary change you can radically reduce your health risks and improve your health. While debate may rage about the biochemistry and physiology of cane sugar versus corn sugar, this is in fact beside the point (despite the finer points of scientific analysis above). The conversation has been diverted to a simple assertion that cane sugar and corn sugar are not different.The real issues are only two.

      We are consuming HFCS and sugar in pharmacologic quantities never before experienced in human history–140 pounds a year versus 20 teaspoons a year 10,000 years ago.

      High fructose corn syrup is always found in very poor-quality foods that are nutritionally vacuous and filled with all sorts of other disease promoting compounds, fats, salt, chemicals, and even mercury.
      These critical ideas should be the heart of the national conversation, not the meaningless confusing comments such as yours, or ads statements by the corn industry in the media and online that attempt to assure the public that the biochemistry of real sugar and industrially produced sugar from corn are the same.

      No need to continue on with your list of nonsense “a scientist”. Your facts are highly convoluted. Extricate your cranium from your sphincter muscle and get busy with some research based on truth, not the illusions of it. Now I need a good beer.

    • FreeSpirit says

      I do use my brain. Evidenlty, you don’t use yours. If you are a “scientist” than you are bought and paid for by the system and have no interest in finding out the truth because your paycheck depends on perpetuating the real BS you just spouted.

    • Eldon says

      Well, where I live we have this store called MOM’s Organic Market and they sell pint bottles of guinness. I’m not saying that verifies it or anything but it’s a legitimate source for wholesome groceries.

    • Youtopiaddict says

      Guinness contains caramel coloring, iodine, sucrets, Dextrose. monolithiumdioxide, gum, bad yeast, sillica, and leprochauns.

  6. Julie says

    You didn’t mention Chimay.It is made by Trappist monks and has very few ingredients which have to be passed by the “head monk” It’s one of the best beers I have ever tasted..You can get it at Whole Foods and certain bars sell it like World of Beer.

  7. Lisa says

    This article is hogwash. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. It’s not harmful or bad for your health. It’s just resistant to frost. And how are “natural flavours” bad for you?

    • Justin Vidales says

      First off there is actually no studies done outside these companies because the United States doesn’t have a standard for scientist doing there own study. second Monsanto for example and the FDA have used the same legislation put forth in 1992 when GMO products hit the market, meaning that the FDA only takes studies done with in the company and in fact don’t do there own study. Third it is a fact that people should never be allergic to any crop of any kind.

    • Ashleigh says

      A Genetically Modified Organism is not “just resistant to frost.” These seeds are made in labs by artificially transplanting a gene from another species into them making them “Round Up Ready” or resistant to herbicide. This means that when the fields are sprayed with these harmful chemicals, EVERYTHING dies EXCEPT the GMO crop. Personally, I do not want to ingest these crops. However everyone is entitled to make their own choice, hopefully it is an educated one.

      • Deraek says

        You need to fucking read.
        This is one particular type of GEO. Genetically Engineered Organisms are different from Genetically Modified Organisms.
        Most GEO’s are engineered with transgenes that simply provide more yield, natural pest resistance found in other plants (often other plants that we already fucking eat), resistance to frost as mentioned above, and jesus, just about everything you could want to have in a plant. I don’t understand why you think this is harmful. Yes, pesticides are poisonous. They are extremely bad for people and the environment. But, most organic foods are still GEO’s. Organic means grown without pesticides or antibiotics—both ov which are important practices environmentally and medically.

        Stop this needless fucking fear-mongering and target the right fucking enemy holy fuck.

        Round-up ready crops are fucking bullshit, but NOT ALL FUCKING GEO’S ARE ROUNDUP-READY

        please read actual peer-reviewed articles.

  8. Patrick J says

    What a bunch of foofy nonsense. Unless you are allergic to any of these ingredients, ( mostly non of you), , you should ignore these over blown akarmist piece of crap and just enjoy the beer you like!

    • Todd says

      Why do you bother posting? That would be like going to an runners website and telling people who want to exercise, not to worry about it. People who read this, who are concerned about these ingredients, can make the choice without you throwing your two cents of, this is crap don’t worry about it.

      Really? I can say that Corn Syrup is something I am greatly concerned about, I think there is lots of evidence suggesting it is bad.

      Enjoy the beers you want, but don’t demean people who wouldn’t like to be cautious with their beer drinking.

      Why couldn’t you have written “I’m not worried about these ingredients in my beers, you’re drinking beer, not exactly a healthy act, just drink what beer you want in moderation and you will be fine.”

      Instead you want to suggest the article is foofy crap…. and people’s fears are unfounded.

      • a scientist says

        the article is indeed foofy crap…. and people’s fears are unfounded.

        The problem is the fear-mongering caused by articles like these and dumb people like you believing whatever you read.

        And you are “greatly concerned” about corn syrup? Corn Syrup is 55% fructose, 45% glucose. Guess what else has that same composition, HONEY! Go read wikipedia if peer-reviewed articles are something you cannot handle.. Table sugar is 50% fructose, 50% glucose.

  9. Andy says

    haha, if we’re concerned about GMO products, you better start importing your food from outside the US. Most corn and soybean has been genetically altered to some extent. Those that haven’t, often suffer from cross-hybridization due to pollen spread from GMO crops.

    Besides, claiming that all GMOs are bad for you is like saying all strawberries are tart. Crops are genetically modified in all sorts of different ways to produce resistances to all sorts of different things. Are some of those modifications bad for you? Possibly. Are all of then detrimental to your health? Absolutely not. And really, in most cases we aren’t even sure what their positive or negative effects on human health is, because there isn’t a substantial, replicable research base to lean on.

    The title of this article should really be: “8 beers that maybe you should drink in moderation, just in case”.

    haha. AMIRIGHT?

  10. heriberto says

    If you care about your figure I suggest that you not drink at all. Problem solved. Also most people could give a flying F about this. They will continue to drink what they like.

  11. Brad says

    Well I didn’t see anything bad about Moosehead so I guess that means I’ll be fine. Funny how these beers you mention are now seen as “unhealthy” when they’ve been around for years? Is this based on daily consumption?

    • Doy says

      Just making a comment about the beers being around for years. So has coke and I LOVE coke.
      But I know I shouldn’t be drinking it and I have been pretty good at drinking less of it over the years

  12. GAT says

    Greenvillage has paid its bloggers to promote certain products which in cause, they bad mouth other products to support those who are on their payroll. Though the FTC did not bring charges against them, the below link makes one wonder how they promote or take shots at others products. This is fairly recent. You make your own opinion.

    Italy a few months ago did a long term project about the benefits of drinking beer versus wine and it was learned that beer has the same health benefits as wine. This was on ABC national news. Anyone can find anything we eat, drink, smoke, take as harmful. Just depends on who writes it. We are all going to die of something. Life’s too short. Enjoy the beers you like but like anything, in moderation. I personally enjoy Stone beers, and many of the many IPAs out.

    [PDF]Closing Letter to Seth Shapiro, Chief Executive Officer for Village …
    Feb 18, 2014 – Re: Village Green Network, FTC File No. 132-3267 … failure ofbloggers in its advertising network to adequately disclose that they had received.

  13. John says

    Ok, folks. There you have it. I challenge any and all of you to actually open your eyes and brain, and read these . Refute them if you dare, but you will just be turning a blind eye to the truth. There is a saying that ignorance is bliss. I wonder just how much bliss you’ll have when being subjected to chemo for the cancer you now have, due in part to gmo’s, when you are sterile, due to the same things, when your children have severe deformities, both physically and mentally, due to gmo’s, when your health has declined at the age of 40, due to gmo’s, etc. You can poo-poo me all you want, but I have presented to you THE FACTS!!!! Where are the facts to dispute this? None of you naysayers have presented an ounce of it. Why? Because you don’t have the facts, nor do you wish to be correctly informed.

  14. Cal says

    Genetically modified organisms are not positively detrimental for your health. You should research a specific modification before you make that distinction. Just throwing that out there…

  15. Glenn says

    Fortunately I live in the Pacific Northwest where no self respecting resident would drink any of the above beers including those which are safe… Local microbrews rule!

  16. Andrew says

    I would advise the same but not because of the origin of the ingredients. I suggest you stop drinking these beers because they are simply god awful.

  17. Todd says

    I wish people wouldn’t be so rude about the GMO debate.

    There are legitimate concerns people have about GMO, anyone who has complete faith in the FDA is living being unrealistic. I eat GMO all the time, and don’t know it. If the organic costs were not so high I would buy organic. If GMO was labelled I might be able to control my food sources more. Processed food and ingredients lose nutrients and are worse then in my mind how seeds are GM’d.

    BUT, GMO’s are pretty new, and yes it’s almost impossible not to eat them. But that’s the point, ‘long-term effects’. We are Guinea pigs.

    You know, North America the most pro-GMO place around has a cancer and diabetes epidemic. There can be other factors, but GMO’s likely plays a part. That is my fear and speculation. But why are my opinions and concerns so wrong? Look at what the cigarette companies did, hiding facts/studies and buying politicians.

    The important part is that wanting GMO labels and eating healthy/organic/expensive food, is like vitamins, it doesn’t harm you. If someone wants to be cautious and eat ‘healthier’ food, because they are worried that GMO’s might be causing cancer and they have higher risks due to many family members having cancer.

    What right do you have to say? “Don’t be an idiot GMO’s are safe, the FDA says so. Read research papers paid by the industry. There are no short term effects and why would you think there are long term effects. These websites you’ve read are just opinions/speculations by anti-GMO propaganda.”

    So, they care about their health and are worried, our society is very unhealthy. They attribute it to GMO’s, they want to spend more on their food/beer and want to choose organic. Why do you care so much that you react in anger and with offensive attitudes. People are not ‘idiots’ for avoiding GMO’s, they are fearful and careful. If you, me, monsanto and our politicians are wrong and GMO’s are deadly…. then we’re idiots, me for eating GMO’s and you for promoting their use.

    On another hand, Corn Syrup is terrible, it isn’t natural like honey, it is bad for you. It isn’t the fact that it is GMO, but the fact it is a shock of sugar to your panaceas and in everything. Corn Syrup is likely the reason for our diabetes epidemic.

    Here is a pretty easy to read opinion by a doctor, http://drhyman.com/blog/2011/05/13/5-reasons-high-fructose-corn-syrup-will-kill-you/#close

    Don’t want to read, he is a University video on sugar:

    But overall, these beers are all disgusting. I only used to drink Red Stripe….

    Please don’t be so judgemental, I don’t understand why people bother posting arguing with people not to choose possibly healthier things. Is it because you are trying to convince yourself?

  18. stacey says

    is very unreliable and not a good source it has already been debunked. sad when your trying to lead a GMO free lifestyle and you read BS. where is the list of sources? or do we just trust out of fear?

  19. colleen says

    These are all the good beers. When they make another good cheep beer, I will stop drinking these. Until then my health will have to suffer.

  20. JK says

    Please stop. It is imperative that this website be shut down immediately. All serious contributors must cease further participation. You are all beyond ignorant. You are spreading dangerous misinformation.

    Please cease breeding. Relinquish your current offspring to the state. Society will thank you later. You live in a time and a place that affords you the luxury of propagating your stupidity. Do not mistake this for acceptance.

    Please close your eyes and concentrate as hard as you’ve ever had to in your life. And then realize that you are not a valid contributor to any aspect of society. The remainder of your existence should be about subsistence, as that is obviously all you are capable of doing.

  21. JD says

    Funny how ALL OF THE BEERS you mentioned are expensive. At the bottom you state you might receive money for this. Whores. How can I believe anything you say when you take money for your word? Again. Whores.

  22. Chuck says

    What kind of BS post is this. The anti-GMO campaign died years ago because most people realized it is of no health concern. People in the science community laugh at these posts and the people that buy into this propaganda. Take an intro Bio and Chem class and learn a thing or two before you advocate for something you nothing about.

  23. odone20 says

    Yeah, you know what all these beers contain that’s harmful to your health? ALCOHOL. Seriously, you need a freaking infographic to tell you that Pabst Blue Ribbon might not be your best health option?

    If you’re such a delicate flower that the faintest whiff of dextrose that comes from GMO corn is too much for your fragile constitution to bear, then maybe you should resign yourself to eating unflavored gray NutriPaste from a tube while you breathe filtered air from the safety of your plastic bubble.

  24. ITSJUSTSPIN says

    This is just spin. Take a look at the people in charge of villagegreennetwork. Not scientists, not health professionals, they are advertising people interested ONLY in making their customers money, not in your health. Isinglass is also in every wine and used for clarification. GMO are also not harmful. Corn syrup adds cost to beer, not reduces it. Too many holes in this story.

    • Ms.Engineer says

      For those of you supporting your position that GMOs/ GEOs are safe, I would like to share something that you might wish to research further…
      I am, as a matter of fact, a scientist. My specialty is not biology or medicine, but engineering. I am a Metallurgical Engineer. I completed many hours of chemistry, physics, thermodynamics, and other such foundational science courses in order to earn my degree.
      During my years at university, I once authored a term paper on the subject of genetically modified/ and or engineered organisms. What I learned while researching the paper was quite disturbing. This was done approximately 12 years ago, and I would have to look up my citations, so won’t offer them at this time. However, any person who has completed a term paper at an accredited university knows that he standards for citations ate rigorous.
      The one item for this work that I would like to share with everyone is the fact that antibiotics are used in the creation of GMOs/ GEOs. Normally, if a foreign material, such as a gene from another organism, is inserted into a living organism, the foreign material will be subjected to some sort of attack by the host. In order to prevent this phenomenon from rendering useless an introduced foreign gene, scientists employ the use of antibiotics to interrupt the normal defensive mechanisms of the host. This antibiotic inserted into a cell is then replicated in new cells as the organism grows. The only way for genetically modified organisms to exist is for them to contain antibiotics as a part of their fundamental makeup.
      For any person concerned with the increasing resistance of many strains of bacteria to antibiotics, this should be troubling information. The constant exposure to antibiotics via food sources might certainly prove to be problematic should one acquire an infection requiring treatment with antibiotics.
      I would like to state that I have not been paid anything for my comments. In fact, today is my first visit to this site. My husband has recently learned that he is allergic to MSG, and I arrived here while researching what beer might be safe for him to drink.
      Respectfully submitted,
      A Concerned Scientist

  25. Joe says

    This is all bs GMO’s are just an accelerated version of natural selection, for example, we choose corn that produces the most amount of material and selectively keep breeding them for that trait. If we just accelerate that by changing the genes or by taking 100’s of years to get the same end product it makes no difference.

  26. who cares says

    Waaaaaah! Who gives a crap? Oh no, gmo’s! Guess what, you could avoid all this so called unhealthy stuff, and still get hit by a car tomorrow and die. YOLO, drink whichever beer you like and party hard!

  27. says

    Dam I must have only 8 days to live after all the beer GMO’s I have consumed. People get a life and get a 12Pack of Bud and just say WTF.

  28. Julie says

    What about Anchor Steam? Eel River is organic (and really good!!). Butte Creek is also organic. Not sure if you have heard of either of them or know if they are good?

  29. Feni says

    Would you get information on Steel Reserve, please? I imagine the ingredients wouldn’t be quality since the price-point is one of the cheapest! But I need to be armed with information! : ) Thank you.

  30. says

    USAn beer is likely made with water that has been polluted by fracking chemicals (700 trade-secret chemicals) or spilled crude oil. Funniest one: Burning River Beer (water from the Cuyahoga River).

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    • Mark says

      Sadly, Pacifica and Miller and Corona all use Corn GMO in their product….stay away from it, Corn GMO and Soy GMO and Wheat GMO are all Deadly to us humans These companies use Corn GMO as a sweetener because it is so inexpensive….Stay away from Corn GMO in all products…most beef has it, same with chicken and farmed fish like talapia, salmon, shrimp……

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  43. Null says

    Everything about this page’s “Institute for Responsible Technology” source on GMOs tries to make it seem like it’s an actual institute, when it’s literally a single guy behind it: Jeffrey M. Smith, who has absolutely no scientific background. Very misleading…

  44. Lincoln S says

    Sigh… re: Newcastle, ammonia (NH3) has NOT been classified as a carcinogen, but even if it has, any ingredient made with NH3 will not automatically ALSO be carcinogenic. Believe me, your beer will not give you cancer. This is the trouble with people and articles that go alarmist on anything involving ‘chemicals’. Guess what? You are made of chemicals. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caramel_color, http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/aldrich/294993?lang=en&region=US, http://www.epa.gov/iris/subst/0422.htm

  45. Berkana says

    I generally agree with this list because I disagree with how GMOs are used, but I take issue with one of these, because it belies an ignorance of how to reason about chemistry, and tries to stoke fear using this ignorance.

    Your reasoning for not using caramel coloring (which is in Newcastle Brown Ale) doesn’t make sense. They wrote “Newcastle Brown Ale contains caramel coloring. Class 3 and 4 caramel coloring is made from ammonia, which is classified as a carcinogen.” ‘Made from’ does not mean the thing it is made from is unchanged or even present in the final product. For example, compost is often made from poop, but it is not poop. Salt (sodium chloride) is made from (in nature a long time ago) an explosively reactive metal (sodium) and a poisonous gas (chlorine), but has none of the qualities of the substances used to make it.

    They use ammonia to help with the caramelization because it is alkaline, which enables lower temperature caramelization, and it evaporates out easily and thoroughly, unlike baking soda or other alkaline materials like lye. Lye is itself extremely caustic, but it is traditionally used to brown the surfaces of hard pretzels for the same reason, and gets neutralized in the process.

    Lye is used to cure raw olives in several traditional olive curing recipes, and in traditional Scandinavian Lutefisk. By the reasoning used to condemn caramel coloring in Newcastle Ale, would you say that we shouldn’t eat traditional lye-cured foods? If you would, you should re-consider your reasoning.

  46. Berkana says

    By the reasoning you use to stir fear about caramel coloring (“Newcastle Brown Ale contains caramel coloring. Class 3 and 4 caramel coloring is made from ammonia, which is classified as a carcinogen.”) you should condemn home made soap. Home made soap is made from lye (and other ingredients; notice how you totally ignored the primary ingredients in caramel coloring—various carbohydrates). Lye (sodium hydroxide) is toxic and caustic by itself, and is classified as corrosive substance.

    Please don’t reason this way. Stirring up undue fear is not right.


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