25 WORST (and Most Hilarious) Easter Bunny Costumes — LOL at #13

25 WORST Easter Bunny Costumes -- LOL at #13

Having your picture taken with the Easter Bunny is something every child looks forward to. Unfortunately, now many of them are scarred for life.

Here are some of the worst Easter bunny costumes in the world. These children may not have enjoyed them, but at least we can laugh about it now.

1. Frankenbunny


2. WTF is that?


3. Muahahaha!


4. Now there's a friendly looking Easter Bunny -- NOT


5. Is it us or does this bunny look particularly angry?


6. Another year of Uncle Bob dressing up for Easter


7. "Get me out of here!"


8. Silence of the Bunnies


9. Another angry bunny


10. "What is this, some kind of a joke?"


11. Is it a bunny or a pig?


12. A bunny with white eyes? We'd be crying too!


13. Run for your lives!


14. Just cut holes in the mask for eyes, it'll look fine.


15. "It's OK, honey. I think the bunny is sleeping." (Or passed out.)


16. If an Easter Bunny has crooked eyes, do not sit on its lap.


17. Silence of the Bunnies: Part II


18. It's that thing for real?


19. "Hurry up kid, it's almost happy hour!"


20. "I've got you now, child."


21. Apparently she hasn't looked to see what's behind her yet.


22. Nom nom nom!


23. "Help! Someone save me from that thing!"


24. "Hi kids, Happy Easter and 50 years of nightmares!"


25. "How do you like this shade of eyeliner?"


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25 WORST Easter Bunny Costumes -- LOL at #13

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